Yokogawa AQ7280 OTDR Module series AQ7283F dynamic range (42/40/40 * 1 dB)

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Yokogawa AQ7280 OTDR Module series AQ7283F 3 wavelength (1310/1550 SM, 1650nm), dynamic range (42/40/40 * 1 dB)

Test Application: Installation, Maintenance: dark, Live

Fiber Network: Metro, Access, PON


Confidence, Key features that meet a variety of test and measurement needs in analyzing network Optics: Multi-Tasking, Measurement Multi-Fiber, wireless connectivity, Eagle Eye hunt breakpoint, 15 hours of operation battery, modularity full, connectors quality assurance, PDF reporting, monitoring connections intermittent, makrobending detector, fault locators, PON The optimized, and with the support of Multi-Language - Fiber Optic Equipment Global MEDIATEKNOLOGI South Jakarta.


Main feature:

AQ7280 that meet a variety of test and measurement needs in analyzing optical network from access to core. The AQ7280 OTDR delivers:
• Reliability: Robust design for operating under harsh field conditions. Proven operating systems ensure stability, rapid response and superior protection against virus attack software.
• Ease of Use: Dual mode operation by multi-touch touchscreen and hard buttons, fully automated measurement and analysis reports readability through new software applications.
• Speed: Lightning startup time, multi-tasking operations to improve productivity. Reporting directly through wireless connectivity.



• Managed by a highly efficient operating system, some functions can work simultaneously.
• Now, the user can perform OTDR measurements at specific fiber core at the same time check the power level and the quality of the surface of the connector.

• Dual-Mode Operation
• Lightning Startup Time Under 10 seconds Thanks to the high speed of the latest hardware and operating systems are very efficient, AQ7280 run from completely OFF for measurement-ready in seconds.

• Smart Mapper

• Characterization of a comprehensive network Easy to read reports
• The acquisition of measurements with multiple pulse width and intelligent algorithms allow users to comprehensively detect and characterize events network with the push of a button.
• Simple, icon-based map display for easy interpretation of network events, direct PASS / FAIL judgment based on user-defined thresholds.

• Multi-Fiber Measurement Display Organized database

Wireless Connectivity Remote control:

• remote data transfer.
• Controlling OTDR device remotely using WindowsTM operating system through a wireless router connection technology.
• Transfer of measurement results from the OTDR to WindowsTM operating system device through FreshAirTM technology.
• Sending the results / reports by email transfer software / files for immediate reporting.

Eagle eye Chasing your breakpoint Fast and precise:
• Enabling the highest possible resolution sampling in a variety of remote measurement, offset distance reduces errors.
• With a relatively small offset distance error, the user can determine the location of the actual problem in the high distance accuracy.
• Identify the location of faster, quicker repair times.

Macro Bending Detector:
• Thanks to advanced functions and characteristics macrobend OTDR analysis, the user can immediately identify and locate macrobend events along the fiber network.
• When the difference in the loss of the show the same location at different wavelengths over a user-defined threshold, macrobend detected.

PON Optimized:
• excellent hardware performance and sophisticated analysis algorithms allow the AQ7280 to mark Passive Optical Network (PON) accurately through high-port-count splitters (up to 1 x 128).
• PON mode to help beginners / experts in measurement settings to configure simple OTDR based PON topology information for optimal results.



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